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Mar 10


I am very excited to announce that I am transitioning to a new role as
Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) with Longworth Venture Partners.

In my previous role as a VC Analyst, I have had the privilege to work
with a large number of very talented web entrepreneurs, especially in
the Boston area. In doing so, I have made some great friends in the
fascinating world of technology startups, and gained valuable
experience on the investor side of this ecosystem.

A few months ago, I identified what I firmly believe to be a great
opportunity to take freedom of speech on the web to a new level. The
idea was to create a user tool (as opposed to a publisher tool) that
enables real-time conversations in the margin of ANY webpage
independently of the website’s owner/publisher.

After some initial prototyping, Marginize was born! MassHighTech did a
great job of covering the initial story here.

A substantial part of my new role as EIR will focus on trying to grow
Marginize into a successful company. I am very excited to take on this
challenge with the help of my co-founder David Opolon (@davidmit) and a
growing team of enthusiastic members of the tech community.

I have started a posterous blog to share my thoughts and lessons learned along
the way, and I hope it will generate some good discussions…


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  1. PhiloSolar Says:


    I recently found your blog and I really enjoy your writing style and the subjects you are writing about. Please continue the great work. Also, do you have blogs like yours that you would recommend to your readers? Thanks.

  2. sean Says:

    Ziad - that’s great!! Best of luck. Let me know if I can help.

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